Monday, January 27, 2014

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

Super Hero Family

It's one of our favourite holidays and the Milroy Family is ready for October 31st. This year our super family is dressing up as super heros... Girl Captain America, Superman, Iron Man... Don't worry Stouffville - you will be super protected on the 31st.

Date with Dustind and Mom

 Jays games are fun. Jays game in the corporate box with unlimited pizza, cookies, popcorn, drinks and ice cream - even MORE fun!

Dog Walker

Maddison and Dustind want a Dog (Well Mom wants a dog). We like to practice when we get the opportunity to - so when Nana asked if we would watch Barkleigh we jumped at the chance. Maddison and Dustind took Barkleigh around the pond and she got lots of exercise, extra treats (like yogurt, courtesy of Maddison, various bowls of water strategically placed around the house, again courtesy of Maddison. All in all a good weekend. Now we just need to talk Dad into getting a dog!

Air Guitar

Who knew it was possible for someone to rock the air guitar even better than Carl... Well... Dustind has mastered it and Carl now has some stiff competition!

Back to School = New Outfits!